Improved Cognitive Performance is for Everyone

Cognition is the mental processing that includes the attention of working memory, comprehending and producing language,​ calculating,​ reasoning,​ problem solving,​ and decision making. In reality, everything we think about, what we remember, how we learn and solve problems and how we feel is part of what we call cognitive health.

Usually when you hear the term ‘cognitive health’ it is discussed as a decline of functioning that is associated with aging. But just like overall fitness and cardiovascular health, cognitive health is something that we should be concerned with throughout our entire lives. It is a quality of life issue that we can manage and improve.

The foundation: a healthy lifestyle

Just like any other part of our bodies, our brains need us to live a healthy lifestyle in order to perform at their best. That means we need to eat a healthy diet – with all the nutrients that support growth and maintenance. It also means we need to exercise and get plenty of sleep. The same things that are bad for the rest of your body – overeating, smoking, stress and consumption of too much alcohol – are just as bad if not worse for our brains.


Improving cognitive performance

Modern research has shown that we can improve the health and performance of our brain’s ability to function and to serve us in our daily lives. Here are some of the things that researchers tell us can help.

Play ‘brain games’

Take up a new hobby

Become a student again

Reduce stress

Address depression

Take up drawing or painting



Play poker

Eat brain boosting foods

Socialize more

Learn a new language

Do crossword puzzles


Get more sunlight

Participate in a mind sport

Laugh more

Take Synapsa!

Commonly Used Cognitive Health Terms