Build Your Brands with a Scientifically Superior Ingredient

  • Shown to speed learning, enhance memory and improve mental performance
  • Clinical studies targeted to information age consumers
  • Patented, standardized extract of Bacopa monnieri
  • Seed-to-shelf quality control
  • Effective in single or multi-ingredient cognitive health formulations
  • Studies support fast-acting formulations for improved mental performance


Remember when you were a college student cramming for an exam or taking a big test? Or how about today, when the digital revolution serves you up volumes of information that you have to process, remember and act on. The world is more complex and competitive than ever before and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

How would you feel about a safe, natural supplement that would help you learn faster, improve your memory and information retention, and allow you to perform better on cognitively demanding tasks?

We think you’d feel pretty good about it. Just like we think that the over 140 million knowledge workers and college students in the United States today might be interested in a cognitive health formulation that gave them that sort of edge.

Faster Learning. Enhanced Memory. Improved Mental Performance.

Synapsa™ Natural Memory Support is a patented, standardized form of Bacopa monnieri that has been the subject of more than 30 years of clinical study.

While most cognitive health supplements focus on the issue of cognitive decline – mainly in an aging population – the studies behind Synapsa focus on ‘peak cognitive performance’ outcomes that offer benefits for a much broader public.  In six double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies, healthy adults using Synapsa showed significantly improved performance in areas such as visual processing, learning rate, working memory, information retention and mental performance in cognitively demanding environments versus a placebo regimen.


Two types of use supported by studies

Studies show support for two distinct types of benefit from Synapsa Natural Memory Support: daily, long-term use (chronic) to enhance learning and memory, and short-term use (acute) to improve mental performance in cognitively demanding environments such as test-taking. In addition, the majority of studies behind Synapsa have been conducted on healthy adult subjects between 18-65 years of age.

From a market standpoint, in the United States today, more than 120 million people are considered knowledge workers who use cognitive skills as a daily part of their jobs. In addition, recent estimates of college students range upwards of 21 million. Both groups are good targets for new formulations based on Synapsa, along with any consumers looking for support for learning, memory and mental performance.


  • Faster information processing
  • Improved learning rate
  • Decreased forgetting rate
  • Improved memory consolidation
  • Better multitasking accuracy

A foundation for your cognitive health products

With a large, engaged target demographic and solid clinical support, Synapsa can be effective in both single- and multi-ingredient formulations within your cognitive health platform.