Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Synapsa?

The studies on Synapsa have been conducted on a very wide range of ages – from 18 to 65 and even older. That means that anyone who wants to improve their ability to learn and remember information should consider it – as well as those who want to improve their mental performance, particularly in ‘multi-tasking’ environments.

What are the recommended doses for Synapsa?

Long-term (90 day) studies have consistently used 320 mg Synapsa/day while higher doses (640 mg) have been used to evaluate acute or short-term benefits of Synapsa. The amount of Synapsa may vary in formulated products.

How long should I use Synapsa for?

For some, cognitive enhancement may be noticed relatively quickly. Studies have shown improved mental performance in as little 2 hours after taking Synapsa. Longer term studies focusing on memory improvement and better learning have shown results after 90 days of daily use of Synapsa. Continued daily use of Synapsa offers on-going support for improved cognitive performance.

Is Synapsa safe? Are there side effects?

Synapsa has been studied in laboratory and clinical trials for over 30 years. It has been shown to be well tolerated in studies at the commonly recommended dosages– with no serious side effects reported. In rare cases, mild gastric upset could occur if Synapsa is not taken with food.

I see other products called Bacopa monnieri on the Internet. Are they the same as Synapsa?

Definitely not. Synapsa is made by a proprietary, patented process that controls everything from seeds to extraction technique. Unlike synthetic medicines, natural compounds will vary widely due to the habitat of the plant, the parts of the plant that are used, growing, harvesting and production conditions.

The studies that are discussed on this website were specifically conducted on Synapsa. You cannot be sure that other ingredients that call themselves Bacopa monnieri will behave the same way in use. You should be careful to check the scientific studies that are associated with any supplement ingredient you are considering. Sometimes, companies will ‘borrow’ science by claiming that their product works the same way as another product with a similar name. When companies do this, they are actually misleading you!

When is the next scientific study going to be published on Synapsa?

Soon! We’re working on science that will improve our understanding of the ingredient all the time.

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