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  • Memory & Learning

    Memory & Learning

    Proven perfromance improvement

    Studying for an exam. Tackling a demanding new job. Learning a new language. Pursuing your dream. Peak performance in memory & learning are critical to almost every part of our lives.

    Clinical studies on Synapsa have demonstrated improved speed of learning, improved working memory and memory consolidation and a reduced forgetting rate.

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  • Mental Performance

    Mental Performance

    Make better decisions, faster

    Meetings. Email. Facebook. Kids. Social life. Weekend poker. Who doesn’t multi-task these days?

    Studies have shown significantly improved mental performance via faster information processing and improved decision making time, in a multitasking environment.

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  • Clinical Results

    Clinical Results

    30 Years of Trials

    Synapsa Natural Memory Support has been studied in seven ‘proof-of-concept’ clinical trials and another six human clinical trials over the last 30 years. Studies have examined both chronic (long-term) and acute (same day) use of Synapsa – with intriguing results for memory, learning and mental performance.

    New clinical studies on Synapsa are on-going today.

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